eGo Hybrid Series iPhone 4S Case Packs a Tiny USB Drive

The eGo Hybrid Series iPhone Case protects a user’s iPhone 4 or 4S plus it adds something really useful – a USB flash drive. The case snaps onto the back of the iPhone and protects the phone. It also includes a slot to store a USB drive. The company sells the duo as the case and drive combo or each item separately so users can mix and match colors.

The case doesn’t look like anything special, but a slot on the back of the case holds a super small USB flash drive.

The case gives access to the iPhone ports, buttons and the camera and flash on the back.

The flash drives range in capacity from 4GB to 16GB, which can limit users. I’d love to see a 32GB or even 64GB model.

Ego hybrid colors

The cases come in one of six colors – black, pink, blue, yellow, green or red. The flash drives come in the same colors. The cases are $18.75, which is a good price for a simple protective snap-on case for the iPhone 4S. The drives range in cost from $13.95 to $28.95.

A combo of the case and a flash drive ranges from $34.95 to $49.95, which isn’t a bad price for a case and a flash drive together.

Ego hybrid

Customers can’t buy all drive sizes and color combinations. The 4GB drive comes in either pink or light blue. The 8GB comes in either yellow or green. The 16GB key comes in either black or red. Go over to Amazon to find the 8GB model where they sell for a discounted $19.99.

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