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Elgato Eve HomeKit Smart Home Lineup Expands



Smart home accessories are becoming a dime a dozen these days, but Elgato aims to separate itself from the competition with its expanded line of Eve HomeKit-enabled smart home products.

At CES this week, the company revealed a handful of new smartphone products, including a smart light switch and even a device that can track your energy consumption.

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The Eve Energy is a device that you can put between your outlet and plugged-in devices and it will track your energy consumption, taking a tally every ten minutes and then putting that information into the Elgato app to give you an easy-to-use user interface to see how much energy you’re using on that outlet.


The Eve Weather is a device that you place outdoors and acts as your own personal weather station, giving you the outside temperature, as well as humidity and air pressure.

All that information can then be viewed on your iPhone or iPad. The device itself is powered by replaceable batteries that last a long time, so there’s no need to plug it in.

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The Eve Room is like the Eve Weather, but for indoor use. It can know the room’s temperature, as well as measure other things like humidity and even air quality. Just like the Eve Weather, the Eve Room is powered by batteries.

The Eve Door & Window is a sensor that you can put on your doors or windows that lets you know on your iPhone or iPad if a door or window is opened or closed, and can provide alerts if one is left open for a specific amount of time. It’s not a security device, per se, as it doesn’t sound an alarm if a door opens, but it’s a convenience device for the most part.

The product lineup will start at $29 and will become available later this year.

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1 Comment

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