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Windows Mobile and Mac Play Nice with Eltima SyncMate





One of the biggest reasons that I’ve always strayed from Windows Mobile devices such as the Palm Treo or HTC Touch was their inability to easily sync calendar appointments, contacts, and tasks with my MacBook.   Thankfully, Eltima Software has delivered an easy to use solution.   For the past week I have been using Eltima’s SyncMate, a product designed to allow your Windows Mobile device to easily sync with Mac OS X.   SyncMate allows me to stay organized between two different devices.

The first thing you’ll notice when starting SyncMate is the prompt to check for updates.   I’m a firm believer that good software is continually improved with minor fixes or updates.   When SyncMate loads, an easy to navigate user interface appears in true Mac fashion.   A menu bar on the left allows users to quickly select which items they would like to sync with their Windows Mobile device.   Compared to other syncing solutions, SyncMate’s strengths are in its streamlined interface and quick syncing options.

The Main SyncMate Screen

The first SyncMate screen to appear provides simple instructions for syncing, and it allows for the option to sync via USB or Wi-Fi, a handy addition for Wi-Fi enabled Windows Mobile devices.   SyncMate allows users to sync expected items like contacts, calendar appointments, and notes, but other programs like iPhoto and iTunes can be synced as well.

Another nice syncing option is the ability to sync folders.   SyncMate allows multiple folders to be synced between your Mac and your Windows Mobile device.   This is great for people on the go that like to have a backup or mirror of several folders.   Whether it’s a few important word documents, or your favorite photos, SyncMate makes sure your files are shared between your computer and your mobile device.   Other syncing options include syncing bookmarks in Internet Explorer on your device with the bookmarks from Safari.   An SMS manager allows you to edit and create text messages on your Mac and share then with your PDA or phone.

Another difficulty Mac users encounter when they use a Windows Mobile device is installing new software.   SyncMate allows users to easily drag-and-drop applications into the SyncMate menu to install new software.   This easy installation feature allows novice users to install applications just a few clicks.

$39.95 may seem a little pricey to some, but a free version of SyncMate allows you to sync basic information.   Upgrading to expert allows users to experience folder, iPhoto, and iTunes syncronization among other advanced options. This chart breaks down the differences between the free and expert versions.   SyncMate is compatible with OS X 10.4 and higher.   The SyncMate site also features a complete list of supported Windows Mobile 5 & 6 PDAs and Smartphones.   Syncmate is an excellent syncing solution that is easy for novice users but provides powerful syncing choices for those requiring advanced options.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. everbrave

    10/26/2008 at 6:46 am

    Thanks a lot Matt. This was very helpful to me and my HTC Diamond!
    The free version syncs iCal and Contacts which is quite sufficient for me.

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