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Elusive HTC Shift Available Feb 19 – 21?



GBM reader Gavin Miller sent us a link to Register Hardware, where they claim the HTC Shift will actually go on sale at on Feb 19. Expansys is a UK based retailer who also sells in the US. (The former now links to Expansys USA.)

Checking the US site, it appears the device will actually be $1669.95 for the European version, with an availability date of Feb 21. The “US version” still has no dates attached to it. Could it be that the winner of Warner’s InkBlot Award for “The Potentially Most Exciting UMPC We’ve Ever Seen But The Excitement Is Fading With Each Passing Day” will see the light of day?? Will anyone still care, one year after its announcement, and at that price point?

HTC Shift at Expansys

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