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Mobile offering 3 tablet models with pre-installed Linux



Emperor_mascotLooking for an “out-of-the-box experience” tablet with Linux pre-installed? is offering two tablet models from Lenovo, the X60T and X61T; and one tablet model from Panasonic, the Tough Book CF-19 series. Each is customizable and available with dual Windows XP/Vista and Linux configurations. They also come with one year of tech support. Being an IT professional that is not “married” to a particular OS,  I have to think that this is a very welcome sight. Now if only Apple would hurry up and join the Tablet PC/Touch revolution!

I’m gonna have to file this one under “below the radar”, I mean even Warner did not pick up on it.


“The Raven” X60/X61 Tablet



“The only “out-of-the-box” Linux laptop experience.

Yes, many of our customers have installed their own Linux laptops in the past. They come to us to save the time and frustration. Even Linux experts can spend weeks getting a modern laptop to play nice with Linux. EmperorLinux systems have full hardware support under Linux and are ready to use out-of-the-box. For our customers, the value of their saved time significantly outweighs the cost of our service.

EmperorLinux is the source for professional grade Linux laptops.

EmperorLinux provides Linux Laptops with full hardware support under Linux. Since 1999, we have supplied systems to a wide range of customers, including engineers, physicists, mathematicians, and astronomers at over 50 different government labs and over 200 universities. We have supplied hundreds of corporate clients, as well.

If you use Linux in these environments, EmperorLinux is your sole source.”


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