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End of An Era: Last Episode of OnTheRun With TabletPCs Podcast



Otr_tpc_cover_art_newI think many knew this day was coming and it is here. James Kendrick has posted the final episode of the OnTheRun with Tablet PCs Podcast. I’m going to let Jame’s words tell the story here.

This is the final episode of OnTheRun with Tablet PCs podcast that has enjoyed a run of over two years.  Marc Orchant and I had realized that we could not continue to do the show with our busy schedules and were planning a final show when Marc passed away.  I still wanted to do a final show to thank all of our listeners who have followed the show over its long run so this final show is a mix of highlights from the entire show history.  Mixing the show was difficult for me to do but I wanted to give the listeners one last listen at the wit and genius of Marc Orchant.

Thanks for supporting us and goodbye Marc, my friend.

A fitting tribute, not only to the memory of Marc Orchant, but also to a great team of podcasters and Tableteers who helped so many in the Tabletscape (a term coined by James on one of these podcasts, if I remember correctly) with their observations, hints, tips, and humor over the run of the show. Thanks for doing this final episode, James. I’m sure many will keep it in their podcatchers for some time to come.


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