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Engadget: Fujitsu P1620 Lighter Than Air



This might be comparing apples to oranges (pun both intended and non-intended) but Engagdet is grabbing some attention with this headline: Fujitsu’s LifeBook P1620 is lighter than (MacBook) Air. Sierra reported on the upgrade/refresh of Fujitsu’s vaunted P16xx line the other day, and for those aware of Fuji’s small touchscreen Tablet PC, I’m sure the update of the specs is welcome news. At least you can swap out your own battery with the P1620.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have both devices in your hot little hands for a comparison?

Side note: Fujitsu makes great Tablet PCs and UMPCs and in my personal opinion doesn’t do enough to publicize their own efforts. I’d love to see them cue up the trumpets and toot their own horns more.

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