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Engadget Wants To Know: What’s The Best Tablet PC?



Engadget is running one of those Ask Engadget features for inquiring minds. A reader wanted to know what would be the best Tablet PC for him. Here’s his query:

“I know I’ll get tons of people suggesting that I just buy an Eee PC or similar, but I’m looking for some solid advice on a new Tablet PC. I’m primarily interested in taking notes in a few courses that I’m in, and I’m not planning on using this as my primary machine. I’m looking to spend the least amount of cash as possible, and I’m not looking for anything really powerful. I’m also down with any convertible suggestions — anything I can sketch schematics out on will do.”

Send in your thoughts on this to ask at engadget dot com.

Before you do, here are my quick thoughts on Tablet PCs that are out there right now with one guiding factor: They all have very good to excellent Inking.

Your thoughts?



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