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Enjoy A Long Holiday Weekend of GottaBeMobile Goodies



GbmlogoLike everyone else in the US, the GBM Team is taking some down time on this long holiday weekend and unplugging a bit, although you might see a post here and there as things pop up. But we don’t want you to be without any GBM Mobile Tech fun if you manage to browse our way, or if you are one of our many international visitors. So, in case you missed some of the fun and conversations we’ve been having recently, here’s a sampling of just a few of the highlights that you can kick back and enjoy. Or, if you’re of a mind to, join in the conversation.

Recent Hardware InkShow fun

As always our InkShows aim to be both informative and entertaining as we try to bring you information you can use. Check out some of these recent GBM viewer favorites:

GBM Podcasts

Yep, we’re back podcasting again. Dennis, Warner, and Hugo Ortega talk about the hottest issues in the Tabletscape and have quite a bit of fun doing so. If you haven’t yet grabbed a GBM podcast fill up your audio player with these mobile audio delights:

Great Conversations about Tablet PCs

We’re always exhibiting our passion about Tablet PCs and UMPCs and occasionally we get passionate about some issues that make a few folks uncomfortable. Check out these great conversations:

Great Hints & Tips

And whether you are knew to Tablet PCs or an old timer, there’s always something new to learn. Make sure you check out Eddie VanDerbeck’s How To Series. Here’s a few highlights to get you started. 

And if you haven’t already, register and jump into the Forums and join in the fun and discussion there.

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