enTourage eDGe Delayed and Prices Bumped

The enTourage eDGe eBook Reader/Netbook combo is going to be delaying shipping by a month and looks like it has a slight price bump as well. Shipping is now listed as March 2010, which backs it up about a month. The price for a Midnight Blue colored version is now $499 up slightly from $490. Other colors will see you paying an additional $40 on top of that should Midnight Blue not match your color sense.

Remember the enTourage eDGe is the clamshell dual screen eBook reader, running Android and contains both a LCD screen and an eInk screen. It is also pen enabled.

Has any GBM Reader ordered one of these intriguing devices yet? Or are you waiting to see what happens when folks go hands on with the devices?

Via Engadget