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eo and Q1 head to head



Dennis OReilly,, has written a pretty good review offering up our first head-to-head look at the eo and Q1.

It is apparent from his review that he actually spent a good deal of time actually using the two devices, and I really appreciate his insights. His experiences with the UI and DialKeys mirrors mine ( covered in my initial thoughts and video review ).

The past week or so, I have done some re-thinking on this whole keyboard issue. Josh prompted my thinking on this. From my use with the eo, I don’t think the onscreen keyboard built in to the Touch Pack (DialKeys) is really the best, long term solution. It is very cumbersome to work with and I don’t think it is best suited to typing and seeing what you are typing ( think teenagers text messaging each other). I think a built-in keyboard like the Treo ( built in to the casing) would be a much better all-around solution. A keyboard built in to the casing, the left / right mouse buttons and track point, would make for a very nice navigational and text input device.

I would like to see something like that built-in to the version 2 devices next year. I think OEMs and Microsoft need to listen to these keyboard gripes. It is obviously a pain point. I think a keypad built into the casing would really set these devices apart and would be a real productivity booster. The overall experience would improve greatly.

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