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Epic Batman: Arkham Knight Release Trailer Arrives



Batman: Arkham Knight release day for the Xbox One and PS4 isn’t happening this year, but that isn’t stopping developer Rocksteady Studios from teasing the upcoming adventure game.

Rocksteady teamed up with Game Informer to release the teaser of Batman: Arkham Knight that arrived online today. What we see in the video aren’t just cut-scenes or clips made of the game’s characters. Instead, it’s a solid three minutes of what users can expect.

The video starts with Batman arriving in the tricked out Bat Mobile that Rocksteady first showed off earlier this year. Quickly, tensions escalate when a helicopter hovering around the bridge Batman is on fires two missiles to blow out the bridge. Batman has to exit the super-car and head into the Ace Chemical Plant on foot to take down foes.

Scenes from the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight

Scenes from the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight

The Arkham Knight sends an entire mercenary force to secure Ace Chemical, the same place where series villain Scarecrow is assembling a giant bomb filled with his chemical toxin. The rest of the trailer is Batman pretty much destroying every bad guy within his grasp. He crashes through an Ace Chemical Plant window, quickly taking down enemies. Clearly, users are in for the same combat system in Batman: Arkham Knight as the last two games in the series.

That being said, it appears if players will be able to make use of their environment more. For example, Batman pulls down a lamp on one thug. He shoves the head of another thug into a control switch for the giant door in front of the plant. Batman thin calls the Bat Mobile into the plant court yard, jumps in and starts destroying enemy tanks with its built-in weapons. Again, this is all in-game footage. That means that buyers will actually get to do this themselves. Rocksteady said that Batman’s car would be heavily integrated into the game and it looks like it might actually deliver on that promise.

The teaser ends with Batman saving an Ace Chemical employing, ejecting from the Bat Mobile and taking on another group of things on foot. This part of the trailer confirms that the gliding mechanics introduced in Batman: Arkham City are making their return too.

Batman: Arkham Knight launches on the Xbox One and PS4 on June 2nd 2015. That’s almost eight months after that November release date that leaked out this past summer thanks to GameStop. Why Batman was delayed into next year isn’t year clear, but the delay does mean it won’t have much competition from other games when it launches. Users will have to upgrade to current-generation console before they can play Batman: Arkham Knight. Batman: Arkham Knight is also coming to PCs running Microsoft’s Windows operating systems.

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The game should help both Microsoft and Sony sell a lot of consoles this summer, though Sony might get most of the Batman-related console sales since Warner Brothers – its publisher – and Sony seem to have a tight working relationship. There’s already a PS4 Batman: Arkham Knight bundle coming along with some pre-order extras. Xbox One buyers will have access to those pre-order extras, but there’s no equivalent console bundle yet.

The final video in the series of Batman: Arkham Knight release trailers will debut during Sony’s PlayStation Experience event on December 6th. Game Informer will reveal another trailer on December 1st. Presumably, we’ll get another look at the Arkham Knight. He’s the first main series villain to be created for a Batman: Arkham game by Rocksteady. Scarecrow is mentioned a lot in the trailer. As such, it’s likely that he’ll be around at some point. It’s unclear what other series villains will make a return. In past games, Rocksteady has stuffed the in-game world with criminals from the comic book series and accompanying television show.

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