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Epic New PS4 Update 2.50 Arriving This Week 



Owners of Sony’s PS4 video game console can expect a huge swath of changes and fixes for their console to arrive in PS4 Update 2.50 later this week. These features include the ability to back up their console, ways to find friends, instantly pick up in a video game where they left off and a new way to install system updates going forward.

Sony revealed a full list of what it has planned for PS4 Update 2.50 in a post on the PlayStation Blog this morning. The list of changes and additions is extensive, at least confirming that Sony knows it needs to keep delivering on software features missing since the PS4 launched back in 2014. Sony says it plans to launch PS4 Update 2.50 tomorrow, March 26th.

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The Suspend and Resume feature that Sony talked about a few weeks ago is present in PS4 Update 2.50. With the feature, players will be able to start their games from exactly where they left off. That’s important because until this update users had to spend some time staring at their game’s loading screen every time they wanted to play. Again, Sony says that users can expect that Suspend and Resume will work with “nearly all” existing PS4 games. Also included are options to have the PS4’s settings backed up to external a hard drive. This feature is incredibly useful for someone who has a hard drive inside their PS4 fail or simply plans to upgrade to a larger internal hard drive for the PS4 in the near future.

Building friendships is an important part of any online system, but it’s very important to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Gamers are more likely to pay for an online gaming service if they’ve had a fun experience playing along with other people. One of the few ways Microsoft and Sony can guarantee a great online experience is by making it easier for players to team up with the people they know. PS4 Update 2.50 includes a way for users to find their Facebook Friends on PlayStation Network. The company has also added improvements to the Party system, Friend Requests and the option to track down which friends are playing which games.

Going forward, earning a Trophy in a game will automatically trigger a screenshot, making it much more likely that users will have a memento to relive their hardest conquests. Trophies can be shared directly to Twitter and Facebook. Sony has also added some new Trophy sorting options. The moment you put in a new game its added to your list of played games, affecting your overall average. PS4 Update 2.50 gives users the option to remove games from their history if they haven’t earned a single achievements.

There are loads of quality of life improvements in this upgrade too. Those with more robust internet connections can manually set Remote Play and Share Play to run at 60 frames per second. There’s a new toggle that lets the PS4 automatically download system updates and install them on its own. New Verified Accounts let users know when they’re in the presence of someone who works in the video game industry. Sub-Accounts can be upgraded to full status accounts for those who’ve aged out of family settings.

Zoom and inverted colors are meant for users who need more Accessibility than the original PS4 software design offered. Players can enlarge text and tweak fonts too. The biggest of these new accessibility features are customized button assignments for the DualShock 4 controller and text-to-speech integration for Party and Messaging.

Exactly what time PS4 Update 2.50 remains unclear, but absolutely everyone with a PS4 will get the software upgrade.

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