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Epic New Trailer Arrives Teasing The Division Release



It’s been a long time since video game developer Ubisoft revealed The Division. Months of delays and hushed whispers of the game have kept gamers on the edge of their seats in the meantime. With the The Division release date set for this March, the developer is back with a new trailer that teases the mechanics, characters and sacrifices that players can expect from the open-world shooter soon.

The trailer opens with a voiceover discussing what it means to be a member of the elite team that The Division focuses on. Developer Ubisoft revealed the setup for The Division some time back.

The DIvision PS4

Just before the start of the holiday shopping season, something sweeps through the United States, killing scores of people. Fearing the worst, the President of the United States himself tasks The Division and its members with protecting whatever is left after the government collapses under the weight of the crisis. Officially, The Division’s release date is March 8th.

This new trailer for The Division begins with scenes from early on in the crisis. Mayhem breaks out in New York City, with people taking to the streets looting and killing. A man, who we aren’t familiar with yet, is seen being killed execution style. Looting is rampant. It’s a flashback to the events leading up to The Division being given its orders.

Quickly, the trailer flashes forward to reveal what New York City looks like following the crisis. Snow gently falls on-screen as a character explores the ruins of America’s greatest city. The voiceover reveals that a building once destroyed by the events of the game is slowly being restored and used as team headquarters. The doctors, police officers and former officials inside the building are all there to help “rebuild the world,” the voice over says.

Back on the streets of New York City, the new trailer for The Division gives us another taste of how the game will look and how combat will work. The Division does have a cover system. Quickly the player hides behind a large piece of concrete as he plans an attack on some enemies. A special scanner allows the player to see all the enemies that they’re facing before they get into an attack situation. An onscreen interface that floats just beside the player keeps players informed of need to know information.

A second screen breaks down all the information that users need to know about the upgrade process for their character. When a user takes down another team, they’ll get in-game currency and inventory to upgrade over time. Individual weapons have their own level, with customization just a button press away from the inventory screen itself. Mag size, scopes and barrel-size are all customizable.

It’s at this point that Ubisoft makes a major pitch for the game’s community features. The Division is an online third-person shooter, mainly. The company hopes that through encountering and teaming up with other players, The Division will feel more alive and be more engaging.

“We have to rely on each other’s strengths to save what remains,” the voice over in the trailer says. It seems as if players of The Division will get to visits the hideouts of others. Ubisoft already reveled that large parts of The Division will require that players team up with each other to scavenge for surprise and pick up the materials they need.

All told, the new trailer for The Division looks pretty good. At the very least, it’s a quality tease for what should be one of this year’s most talked about video games. Besides the co-operative mechanics and great graphics, Ubisoft has confirmed that The Division will have a dynamically generated weather system and a Dark Zone where players go head to head with each other for supplies that they need.

The Division is already in alpha testing on Microsoft’s Xbox One console. The Division beta will kick off sometime before the game’s release date in March.

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