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Epson Enters Wristband Market with Pulsense Fitness Lineup



More and more companies are getting in on the fitness wristband fad, including printer manufacturer Epson, which has announced the Pulsense fitness wristband lineup, which includes two models: one with a small display and one without.

The wristbands use Epson’s patented Bio sensing technology that detects continuous heart rate directly from the wrist, using a sensor on the underside of the watchface that measures the amount of light reflected from red blood cells that stream through your wrist and contract with each heartbeat.

2014-01-07 19.18.54

Epson claims that by detecting your heart beat, the Pulsense wristband can tell how many calories you’ve burned based on “personal biometrics in addition to activity levels, gender, age and weight.”

There are two models of the Pulsense wristband that Epson will release, with the PS-500 being the flagship model that features a LCD display that shows your real-time heart rate, steps walked, calories burn and of course the date and time. The PS-100 can accomplish the same functions as the PS-500, but it doesn’t come with the LCD display.

2014-01-07 19.19.02

The Pulsense PS-100 band and PS-500 watch will be available at some point during the summer of this year at a price of $129 for the PS-100 and $199 for the PS-500. Pre-orders are actually open right now for both the PS-100 and PS-500.

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