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Eric Mack and Some Tablet PC Podcasting Goodness



The Labor Day holiday here in the US this year is just filled with Tablet PC and Mobile Computing podcast goodness, as Rob and I prepare to do this week’s GBM Podcast later tonight. Our preparations are extensive. Rob’s off to a baseball game with the family and I’m heading off to do some shopping at a computer fruit store so I’ll be loading up for some listening on the trip.

But while you’re waiting for the next GBM Podcast you might want to check out the recent OnThe Run With Tablet PCs podcast, or these jewels from Eric Mack. He has published some recent podcasts that are musts for your podcatcher. First up is a three part series with fellow Tablet PC MVP and mobile and productivity warrior Marc Orchant that was taped awhile ago. There is some really good info here on what gadgets Marc is using for his on the go lifestyle. This post contains links to all three episodes in the series.

Also, you need to check out “You Had Me At The Pen” (you have to love that title) a podcast interview with productivity consultant Kelly Forester. Eric introduces her to Tablet PCs via the Lenovo X61 Thinkpad Tablet PC and he walks Kelly through the ins and outs of using that Tablet PC.

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