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Eric Mack’s Toshiba Technical Support Adventure



Eric Mack in many ways has become a Tabletscape legend with his quest to become YABHTU, in which he tackled The Paperless Challenge. His journey has been well chronicled, and also well blogged by Eric himself.

Now, he has embarked on another Tablet PC adventure, this time dealing with Toshiba’s technical support to try and resolve issues. Dealing with any company’s technical support mechanicsm (I hesitate to use the words staff or people simply becasue I think something happens to some humans who take these jobs, removing many basic human characteristics-like common sense) can be easy or difficult. It largely depends on who you get on the phone. The luck of the draw. We mostly hear of the bad experiences, and occasionally the good ones.

If nothing else reading Eric’s post will give you some pointers and perhaps help you set your expectation levels appropriately. This certainly will be another Eric Mack journey to follow.

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