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Eric Rice Drools Over Vista On A Tablet PC



Eric Rice, a long time Mac user who found Tablet PCs enough to his liking last year that he was given a Wicked Stage Ink Blot Award in the category of “Best I’m Tired of Waiting For An Apple Tablet, So I’ll Go Ahead and Buy a Tablet PC Because They Are Really Cool” has recently installed Vista on his Tablet PC and well, he’s drooling over the experience.

The user experience is killer– I can select multiple items, since hovering over desktop icons allows me to click a checkbox, making it easy to copy/move/delete multiple items. There’s a very subtle touch feedback on the screen when i’ve clicked on something (reminds me of Apple’s water droplets). And whatever changed with handwriting recognition (for the better) simply rocks. I have handwriting so bad, I’m a certified medical doctor, and have had little errors in scrawling messages quickly in an environment like Skype. Right-clicking and holding has improved as well.

He also talks about his great like for the fact that Media Center is also inlcuded. We should be hearing more about that, don’t cha think? Second Lives can be quite informative. Check out the rest of Eric’s thoughts here.

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