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Ernie The Attorney and the Tablet PC



Ernie the Attorney is blogging about his expereinces with a Tablet PC. He posts five conclusions that will all sound familiar:

(1) a Tablet has a completely different social dynamic than a traditional laptop because people don’t perceive it as a computer; unless you stand behind someone using a Tablet you easily assume that they are just writing on a pad of paper; (2) the Tablet is more comfortable to use; but if you type reasonably well you will still prefer to use a keyboard; (3) the Tablet is more natural to use at a lectern or in a conference, as long as principle #2 isn’t a factor; (4) even though it’s a niche product I would absolutely use a Tablet in certain situations, except for one thing: (5) Tablet PCs run Windows which means they don’t wake up quickly, or reliably.

Unfortunately, point number 5 seems to have predominated in Ernie the Attorney’s ongoing use of a Tablet PC. A tale to often told, I’m afraid.

via jkOnTheRun

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