Estylo 1.1 A Wooden Stylus

It looks like the stylus and Kickstarter are an interesting match. We’ve seen the Cosmonaut launched on Kickstarter before.  And now there’s a new stylus seeking funding called the Estylo 1.1.

What’s different here is that the Estylo 1.1 is made of wood. Made by Plai, the wooden stylus works with capacitive touch screens. There are two versions one with magnets that allow it to attach to the iPad 2’s magnets for easy carrying and one that is non-magnetic. The magnetic version comes in a variety of colors. There are two tips to the Estylo 1.1 and one end allows for finer work. This fits in with the Kickstarter pitch that says the Estylo is designed for artists that need greater control.

Check out the video. Note that Plai has not reached its funding goal yet.