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Etcher Turns the iPad into Etch A Sketch



Etcher is an iPad case and app that turn the tablet into a digital Etch a Sketch. At first glance the Etcher is nearly indistinguishable from an old-school Etch A Sketch, but you can obviously do a lot more with the digital version.

Like the original, Etcher has a red bezel and two white dials to move the cursor horizontally and vertically. Holding true to Etch A Sketch tradition, Etcher users must complete their drawings using a single continuous line. The dials are retractable for when users aren’t line drawing.

The Etcher doubles as a fully functional iPad case. There are cutouts for the cameras, headphone jack and home button.

Those with superior drawing skills will be able to make some interesting works of art.

The makers of the original Etch A Sketch gave the Etcher inventor its blessing to produce this product. It’s also received Apple’s stamp of approval in the form of its Made for iPad program.

Etcher isn’t available quite yet, but you can pre-order one through Kickstarter for $45. Kickstarter is an online community that helps link up creators with people interested in their products before they produce them. This allows consumers to be the first ones to get devices as they roll of the production line. It also helps innovators raise money to spin up production without raising money from investors or taking out loans. The Etcher inventor needs to raise $75,000 for the first production run. This is the first day of fundraising for this project on Kickstarter, with 53 backers contributing $3,149 so far.  Fundraising for this iPad accessory ends on June 9.

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