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EverNote 2.0, EverNote Portable beta available



EverNote is continuing to make improvements to its Tablet PC notetaking application, this time adding textual / handwritten notes search inside of scanned images for EverNote 2.0 and by introducing a new product EverNote Portable.

I’ve had this on my radar for a couple of weeks, but it wasn’t until I saw our good friend Matt Miller write about it that my memory was jogged. Thanks, Matt!

EverNote Portable allows the user to run EverNote on a portable drive like a USB flash drive, SD card, compact flash card etc without needing to install the application on a computer. There are some functional limitations, so checkout the product page for more info.

As far as EverNote 2.0, check these new features out from the product page. It looks like they have made a lot of improvements, but not much in terms of enhancing the Tablet PC inking functionality which I found lacking in 1.5. Watch our InkShow on EverNote 1.5 for background info. We’ll definitely give EverNote an InkShow refresh considering these new improvements.

New features:

AIR-search in images: Search photos and graphics stored in your notes to find embedded typed or handwritten text. Use it for snapshots of whiteboards, product labels, in-store packaging and pricing, business cards, trade show badges, and more. Learn More.

Note List: For added convenience with longer tapes of notes, a new Note List button on the toolbar allows you to display an index of your notes for the currently selected category by auto-generated or manually entered title.

Category Locator: For users with a large number of categories, a new Categories button displays a search box to quickly locate a category by name or partial name.

Time Categories: A new built-in Auto Category is available that enables you to easily search for notes by date, or date range, that they were created.

Note Flag: You can now flag notes and track flagged notes using the new “Flag” auto-category.

Embedded To-Dos: Click Ctrl-Shift-C anywhere to place a checkbox at the cursor position in any note. This means the note will automatically appear in the ToDo category until all of the boxes are checked off.

Category Stamp Dialog: Improved tabs allow fast and simple assignment and removal of notes in Manual and Automatic categories.

Universal Clipper: Our new, experimental tool to clip any visible screen content quickly and conveniently into EverNote or to the clipboard and paste into any application. The Clipper is an optional separate download that requires EverNote to be running. Click here for more info.



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