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Evernote Adds Note History, Bumps Max Note Size to 50MB



Evernote‘s introducing Note History and doubling the maximum note size to 50MB for its premium subscribers. According to Evernote, these are the two most requested features from its premium users.

The larger note size limit will allow premium users to attach larger (or multiple) files in any format. While it was possible to split multiple large files across multiple notes, this new feature simplifies things a bit.

Having access to a note’s history is a really big deal for users who write long notes or frequently revise notes. It’s also a big deal for Evernote users who share notes with teams. That way team members can see how notes developed. Unfortunately, Notes History will only be available at and not in Evernote applications for the time being. This feature saves notes periodically throughout the day, not each time a change is made. Restoring notes can be done via a quick copy/paste or by exporting the old versions of a note and importing it via Evernote’s Mac or PC client.

Evernote premium accounts cost $45 per year or $5 per month.



  1. Dennisvjames

    04/15/2010 at 9:33 pm

    Has anyone had any luck with inking using Evernote? There is a lot of good things happening with this product, but until it can be used to ink properly it won’t be any use to me.

  2. Gordon

    04/16/2010 at 12:22 am

    Nope. Can’t even change paper colour in the new version. Looks like they’ve abandoned ink.


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