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Evernote Adds Reminders to Mac, iOS & Web Apps



Today Evernote introduced a new often-requested feature to its iOS, Mac and Web apps: reminders.

The latest update to the iOS Evernote app include the ability to set notes as reminders, making them easily accessible when they matter the most. The new features lets users set alerts for notes, create to-do lists out of notes in their virtual notebooks and pin important notes to the top of their notebooks so they don’t get buried.

After setting a reminder users are given the option to set a date and time for the note. If the user sets a time they will receive a push notification on their Mac or iOS device that will open the note so they can do whatever they need to with the note. Users can also choose to get email notifications for their notes if they don’t want to use push notifications.

Without a date and time the notes will still pin to the top of their respective notebooks, which is useful for notes that users have to refer back to over and over again. It’s easier than searching or scrolling through a list of notes to get to the important ones.

Reminders will sync across all devices, as expected with Evernote. They will even sync across shared notebooks. Users who have access to a shared notebook can choose to subscribe to reminders for that notebook. They will also see the reminders pinned to the top of the notebook.


The new feature adds a robust to-do list to the Evernote app for iPhone and iPad. One great use case scenario that Evernote gives for reminders is for someone packing for a trip. The user can set a reminder for a note that lists all the things they should pack for an upcoming trip. They can set a reminder for on the night before the trip to remind them to double-check that they have everything.

Evernote doesn’t mention when, or if, reminders will come to other devices, though they will presumably come to Android and Windows Phone sometime in the future. For now those users will have to rely on the Mac or web apps to set email reminders.

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