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Evernote for iPhone adds web clipping



Announced on the Evernote Blogcast, the Evernote iPhone app just got a speed bump and an important new feature: Web Clipping. Much like the Evernote (or OneNote) desktop application, the feature allows you to save web pages to your notes. But in a flip of the usual plug-in system, rather than adding the service to the browser, they built the browser into the app.

Clip web pages


Evernote has a built-in web browser, which allows you to quickly open links found within your notes. Now you can do more than just visit the webpages, you can also clip them into your account. To use this feature, tap the Clip to Evernote option found within the Send To menu in the bottom of the browser screen.

It’s a two-step operation since you need to get the link into Evernote first, but emailing links to Evernote is simple enough, and even simpler now that you can easily add your Evernote email address (to email notes to Evernote) to your contacts. In addition, the update speeds up camera and snapshot note creation, speeds up search, and adds the option to manually sync your notes any time.

Sounds great all around, but for me, the upgrade that really matters is faster search. Since upgrading to Evernote premium and loading my account up with way too much data to sort, I’ve found search to be absolutely invaluable for finding what I need, and I already use email to add more while on-the-go. Got to get better about tagging photos though.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Warner Crocker

    08/25/2009 at 8:39 am

    Evernote would do well to develop a Safari bookmarking scheme the way Instapaper does. It makes it very easy to get things into Instapaper from the iPhone.

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