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EverNote Goes Public



One of my favorite software tools, EverNote, has now officially gone into the public and out of beta. That’s right, no more invites, the public is welcome to try out this exciting tool. EverNote has also set its pricing and storage limits. There will be a free option that gives you a montly 40MB upload limit, but if you’re looking for more there is a EverNote Premium which will cost $5 a month and give you a 500MB per month upload limit.


EverNote wants to be your brain and store the info you run across on a daiily basis and the two reasons I’m so enamoured of the program is that it allows me to access the data I collect across multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Windows Mobile, iPod Touch). The Web Interface works great as well. It also does great Inking. I’m anxious to see EverNote keep advancing the ball here. We still don’t have Ink support to view Inked documents on the Mac side, and I still think the Windows UI could use some work, but I hope that’s coming as the public gets more involved.Evernoterates

I highly recommend that you give EverNote a try.

Make sure you check out the InkShows we’ve done on EverNote. Keep in mind they are from early stages of the Beta.

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