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Evernote Plus Software InkShow



EverNote ProfessionalThe great thing about being 3 years from the Tablet PC launch, is the number of notetaking applications available to Tablet PC notetakers.

In this Software InkShow, we take a look at one of the choices now available to Tablet PC notetakers: EverNote

EverNote is a very unique notetaking application in how it incorproates categories instead of folders, and its endless tape for storing notes.

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Current Tablet PC users might get a bit frustrated in how EverNote seperates Ink and Text notes, and limits the places Ink can be used. Overall, I feel that EverNote is a great notetaking application for text notetakers, but there are better solutions for Tablet PC notetakers.

This SoftWare InkShow was produced entirely using Camtasia Studio Presentation.

Update: In the InkShow, I call this version “EverNote Professional”. The correct name is “EverNote Plus”

  • Watch the InkShow ( 42:02, 62.2 mb, WMV format)
  • Visit the EverNote website
  • Read more about the features and screen shots
  • Download the trial


  • $34.95-  trial available
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