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Evernote Rolls Out an API



evernotelogo it is no secret that I’m a big fan of Evernote. I think and hope this presages even more good things to come from the creators of Evernote. They’ve just announced that they will make an API available and I hope that this means developers will take them up on it and extend its already great multi-platform functionality even more.

Launching the Service API means that third party developers can now do all sorts of new and innovative things with Evernote. Want to create a new Evernote client? Go for it. Want to hook Evernote into your favorite calendaring or to-do app? Knock yourself out. Of course trust and security are important, that’s why you will always be asked to explicitly authorize any third-party access to your account. And once you’ve authorized them, then let the good times roll.

You can find more out here.

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