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Evernote see huge new user surge from Mac App Store



This morning, Evernote grabbed me with this headline: Mac App Store more than doubles new users. I assumed that meant their rate of new users of their Mac software doubled, which is a strong accomplishment, but then I clicked through to discover it’s not Mac only – it’s across all platforms!

Take a look at the chart:

The red line is the number of new registers they get on Mac. The blue line is the number of new registers they get on everything else. That huge jump in red you see marks the launch of the Mac App Store. Despite being free and openly available on the Internet for download and use, Evernote is now reeling in hundreds of times the number of new registers on Mac than they were previously. About 40,000 new registered users on Mac have been added since the Mac App Store launched. Evernote’s overall rate of new users registrations has been double what it was before the launch.

Obviously, this is a huge deal for Evernote, as well as a big feather in the cap for the Mac App Store. What’s truly staggering to me is how Mac can have this kind of impact for anyone given their share of the personal computer market. The key element, I think, is personal and small business use. Mac holds a much larger percentage of this segment than of the overall market. While Evernote has business applications, it does not have the kind of penetration in big business and enterprise that it does with personal use. Hence, it is ideally suited for success in the Mac App Store. Developers should take note of this when deciding if the Mac App Store is right for them. Oh, and a warm welcome to all my new fellow Evernote users.



  1. Kyith

    01/11/2011 at 12:02 am

    amazing. it goes to show how important an application store is. i wonder whether we have data for the Chrome Webstore but most of the apps there are still pretty lame.

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