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Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskin & iPhone App Create Note Synergy



Evernote announced a cool new tie in partnership that Moleskin users are certain to love, and a new Evernote app update that makes taking photos of handwritten notes easier.

The new Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskin is a custom designed Moleskin with beautiful Evernote imagery on the outside and a special feature on the inside that keeps the pages aligned correctly in Evernote when a photo is taken with the new Evernote iPhone or iPad app.

Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskin

The new Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskin.

The Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskin comes in lined or square paper versions, and both feature small dots on each page. These small dots allow the upgraded Evernote app for iOS to correct the alignment of a photo.

When taking a photo of handwritten notes in the new app and in the new special notebook, the app will correct contrast and adjust the angles so it looks like a note was scanned instead of taken as a snapshot. The image below shows how this new feature will work.

Evernote iPhone app Evernote Moleskin

The Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskin pairs with the new iPhone and iPad app.

The notebook is also smart thanks to special stickers. Grab a sticker from the pocket in the back of the Moleskin and the Evernote app will automatically tag a note or put it in a special notebook when a sticker is put on the page. This is a cool way to automatically categorize notes. Users can choose the tags or categories in the app settings.

Evernote moleskine stickers

The The Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskin includes smart stickers to automatically tag and categorize notes.

The Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskin will go on sale soon in two sizes. The pocket edition retails for $24.95 and the large for $29.95. The notebooks are available for preorder in the Evernote store today. Odds are these won’t arrive in retail locations.

I’m ording one of the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskin to repalce my almost full Lego Moleskin notebook. I love digital notes, but inking on the iPad or Nexus 7 can never keep up, so I turn to paper, which I later add to Evernote as a snapshot or a typed note. Evernote is able to perform optical character recognition on my sloppy handwirting so I can search my handwritten notes just as if I typed them.

Evernote also announced Evernote Business, a version of the serice aimed at businesses that want to deploy Evernote to employees. Evernote business arrives in December.

The day also brought a new Evernote Clearly plugin for Chrome, which offers highlighting and related notes.

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