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Evernote With The LS800 – My Setup



computer 001 The past few weeks I have been getting into a new rhythm using the new (to me at least) Motion LS800.  It’s amazing how much I rely on this little guy now!  As you can see from the picture, I have the LS800 sitting right next to me every day.  It’s a great companion to the BIG Dell I have sitting right there.  It’s also light enough that I carry it in the same bag without a problem and also take it solo when going to meetings. 

What application have I been using the most?  Evernote – running at the same time on each computer to keep me in sync -  2 examples of how I use it:

  • Yesterday was our weekly managers meeting – I use Evernote to take some notes and list action items on the LS800.  At the end of the meeting, I will hit ‘sync’ as I am walking back to my office.  When I get back to my office, I sync the Evernote running on my laptop and just like magic – my notes are there ready for me to review and process!
  • My daily work currently has me running thru a series of locations as I am tracking my progress at each location.  I am marking if the location is Processing, Finished or Needs Review.  This could normally be done on a piece of paper sitting on my desk, but I use the LS800 and Evernote instead.  When asked for progress on my review, or I need to send off some locations to be reprocessed by my team, I can easily do that using Evernote.  On my desktop client of Evernote (that is synced with the LS800), I hit the mail button and will take my current note, send it into an e-mail and off it goes!

Just a few things for thought –

  • I still wish there was a way to mix Ink and Text notes in Evernote – it would help a few things on the desktop side
  • Sync limit on the Free version of Evernote might get me at some time in the future
  • The share notebook feature would be KILLER if you could share between users of Evernote.  If I could share my notebook and one of my coworkers could attach to that notebook share on their Evernote install, then the sharing feature would be about 100% more useful!  Just think, I could be at home working, they could be in the office working – each of us have Evernote running and the note would sync between the 2 desktops.  Even in read only mode so the person that ‘shared’ the notebook was the only one that could edit – I still think that would be useful.

I know there are going to be questions about OneNote – 1. Not free 2. Mix of on network and off network usage would keep from reliable syncing from a shared notebook on a server 3. No need for all the extra features in my current usage pattern.

There are other benefits of of the LS800 in my current workflow, I’ll post a few more as time goes on.

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