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Evernote’s CEO Responds to Some of My Questions and Suggestions



Phil Libin, Evernote’s CEO, responded to my “Doing Some Thinking About Evernote” article and offered some comments on a few of my thoughts. Since they involve a few issues others have asked about, including the big pricing question, I’ve pasted them below:

Rob, Thanks for your kind words. I’m very happy that you’re finding Evernote useful. Some comments to your comments, in-line:

Everote needs to put some serious work into developing an auto import from OneNote to Evernote for those wanting to make the conversion.
Good idea. Or maybe, once we publish our APIs, someone else can do it for us.

“I’m wondering why the Evernote web interface doesn’t default to https? When forced to https, it’ll stay there temporarily, but then switch back to http. I want my note information transmitted securely.”
Right now all user authentication happens over HTTPS. Large-scale SSL transmission of all note content is expensive (to us), and will be a feature available to premium subscribers, once we launch the premium subscriptions.

“I really, really wish Evernote would allow mix of ink and text. I’ve asked them about it multiple times. Sadly, it is not a priority.”
It’s very tough to do this while preserving portability and search across multiple platforms, but we’ve got a few options we’re exploring.

“How much will Evernote, with all its syncing glory, cost? Are we looking at monthly subscription fees for the syncing or will it be free with the purchase of the client. Pricing is one data piece not being provided yet. I’d like to know what their pricing model is going to be like.”
There’s going to be a free subscription level that includes pretty much all of the features you see in the beta, including multiple clients. syncing, recognition. There’s going to be a “premium” subscription level that includes things like much higher quotas, enhanced security, etc. We haven’t really worked out the details on premium features, timing and price yet.

“The iPhone mobile interface is totally awesome!”
It’s going to get a whole lot more awesome soon.

— Phil Libin CEO, Evernote

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