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Everybody is Excited by Voodoo’s Instant On



HP has released the Voodoo Envy 133 that contains an instant-on Linux Based IOS from SplashTop and everybody is very excited about this, and rightly so. Laptop Magazine got the goods and did a hands on with the quick booting system. The Instant on IOS gets you right to web browsing and other features (music, photos, Skype, chat) within about 15 seconds. From there you can surf, make calls, etc… without having to go into the main OS. Laptop’s testing says from here shut down is 9 seconds or booting into Vista will take you another 50 ticks of the clock.

I wonder how long before we see this everywhere on laptops?

Check out the video and full report here.

Also check out some video we shot with the Splashtop folks from CES back in January.



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