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Everyone is Taking Stabs at Tech Companies



It seems that some of the most popular comic strips, television shows, and commercials are all taking stabs at tech companies. You had the whole “I’m a Mac” series where Apple took stabs at Microsoft, the T-Mobile ads poking fun at AT&T, and more recently you have the series of Samsung commercials taking shots at the iCrowd folks lining up for the next best thing.

This weekend on Saturday Night Live there was a skit that Matt Miller talked about where the SNL writers create a spoof commercials about Verizon and it’s 4G LTE network. There were many copies of this commercial on YouTube, but NBC shut them all down. Head over to the Verge to check it out if you missed it. I am sure many of our reader can relate to the commercial so i won’t spoil it.

A few hours before that skit, I was watching some TV with my son and the episode of Victorious that we were watching kind of took some stabs at how Apple fans operate. If this video I took of the show with my Galaxy Nexus gets removed from Google Plus, leave a comment and I will try to find it on YouTube to replace it.

Update: My video didn’t work but I found the entire episode on YouTube. To see the part that prompted this post, skip to the 0:58 second mark of the video.

She is waiting for the announcement of the announcement…

If you have young kids or watch these Nickelodeon shows yourself, you might have noticed that iCarly and Victorious use Pearpods instead of iPods. Their iPad and iPhone replicas have a lit up pear instead of an Apple.

Pear Company is a parody of Apple Inc. The Pear Company makes most of the electronics in iCarly. The Pear Company is also seen and mentioned on many other shows made by Dan Schneider, such as Victorious, Drake & Josh, and Zoey 101/ Their products are similar to Apple’s form factor wise.

To learn more about the Pear Company and the Pearpod, head over to the iCarly Wiki.

It seems that commercials, skits, and TV shows poking fun at tech gets some good reaction from fanboys from all camps, so we’ll continue to see them until everyone is divided.

What are some of your favorite battles? I personally thought the Mac vs PC ones were boring, but I did like the T-Mobile attacks on AT&T. I am not sure if it was the actress or the content that helped them though.



  1. Chris Leckness

    02/12/2012 at 9:16 pm

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