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Evoluce introduces touchless multi-touch to surface computing



Last we heard from Evoluce, they introduced a 47″ HD multi-touch display for surface computing. Now, they’ve made touch unnecessary with an off-screen gesture detection system that responds to your hand movements as if you were touching the screen, much like Microsoft’s Project Natal.

Using what they call ITSO (Integrated Through Screen Optics) Sensing Technology, their surface computing system can recognize and respond to objects up to one meter from the screen. The demo video (below) shows three-dimensional manipulation of large on-screen objects. No fine manipulation shown and I’d guess the precision is less than direct touch, but adding the third dimension of depth opens some terrific possibilities. I imagine this could be expanded to recognize sign language for text input or to acknowledge the presence or departure of a user. This is all in addition to the unlimited multi-touch the Evoluce ONE offers, which is demonstrated to fun effect with what appears to be a war-based strategy game. Press release after the video.

Evoluce introduces off-screen gesture computing to large format multi-touch LCDs.

Date: 2010-05-11
Hallbergmoos, Germany

The leading provider of advanced multi-touch screen technologies, Evoluce, today introduced the first gesture computing enhancement to its ITSO (Integrated Through Screen Optics) Sensing Technology, offering true multi-touch, multi-pen functionality for large flat screen LCDs. For the first time, multi-touch-enabled applications can also see and respond to in-the-air gestures up to 1 m from the screen for more intuitive and direct user interaction. The combination of gesture with multi-touch input unleashes exciting possibilities for a multitude of collaborative, design, and information visualization environments.

This breakthrough facilitates true multi-modal computing. Evoluce’s ITSO Sensing Technology supports an unlimited number of simultaneous screen inputs from touches, pen and stylus inputs, objects, and tags. Now users can also directly manipulate objects on the screen through making scrolling, rotating, stretching, shrinking, or pivoting motions close to the screen without touching it.

The innovative ITSO Sensing Technology software solution is built into the Evoluce ONE, a 47-inch large-format interactive full HD LCD screen with true multi-touch and multi-pen functionality. The Evoluce ONE delivers sharp, bright images for rich multimedia applications ranging from educational teaching and learning environments to medical imagining and interactive gaming. Its smooth, scratch-resistant screen delivers the durability necessary for point-of-sale (POS) public product presentations and interactive exhibits at events, VIP lounges, art galleries, and museums. Because of its flat edges, Evoluce ONE is easily integrated into either horizontal or vertical spaces, or may be used as a stand-alone surface. ITSO Sensing Technology supports multi-touch operation of Microsoft Windows 7 desktop and applications, providing the familiar Windows interface to users.

“The range of applications that can benefit from gesture enhancement paired with true multi-pen and multi-touch capability is extremely wide,” said Wolfgang Herfurtner, CEO of Evoluce AG. “Collaboration, product and industrial design, business intelligence, information visualization, medical imaging, and command and control functions become more accessible without additional complexity. Product information can be delivered directly at the point of sale to customers in a completely new interactive way, revolutionizing shopping, for example. The possibilities are truly mindboggling.”

Evoluce supports all standard interfaces for multi-touch application software development, including Java, XML, and TUIO.

For more information about ITSO Sensing Technology and Evoluce ONE, please visit

Evoluce ONE is available from Evoluce specialist partner dealers.

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