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eWeek Installs Vista on a Lenovo x60t and LifeBook T4215 Tablet PC’s



Nice overview of and upgrade install of Vista on a Lenovo x60t and Fujitsu LifeBook T4215 over on eWeek.  The title on the article says “Vista Shines as Tablet Platform”.  They run thru the install and tell you what works and what doesn’t.

“We installed the operating system on two Tablet PCs—Lenovo’s ThinkPad X60 Tablet and Fujitsu’s LifeBook T4215—and found that Microsoft has delivered a much more practical and smoother tablet experience in Vista.”

One thing I am going to have to disagree with on the review is the following:

“Despite fears about Vista’s power-hungry nature, we saw no noticeable battery performance degradation when running Vista on the notebook as opposed to Windows XP Tablet PC.”

I have seen a drop in battery life under Vista  and it is being discussed in the forums – I’m not the only one…

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