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8 Exciting iPad Pro Accessories



The iPad Pro was announced and unveiled last week during Apple’s iPhone 6s event. The new tablet won’t release until November, but here are some exciting new accessories that you’ll be able to buy for the iPad Pro once the tablet is officially released.

The iPad Pro is Apple’s latest addition to the iPad lineup, but it’s not just any ordinary iPad. It’s not just an update to the iPad Air or the iPad mini, but rather a full-blown all-new tablet that Apple has come up with.

While the iPad Pro largely keeps the same design and shape as the iPad Air and iPad mini series, the new tablet has a larger 12.9-inch display, which is the main feature that gives the new slate its name.

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The iPad Pro also comes with Apple’s fastest processor yet, equipped with the A9X and having 4GB of memory to tackle any job that’s thrown the tablet’s way. It’s a tablet aimed at professionals that work out in the field and need a portable machine to do their work. A laptop might do, but the iPad Pro aims to be the ultimate portable workhorse.

Other than its larger size and faster performance, the iPad Pro is actually a rather normal tablet. However, accessories are great products to turn something normal into a powerhouse of a device. Here are eight exciting iPad Pro accessories that you’ll be able to buy soon.

Apple Smart Cover

Apple Smart Cover

Just like with all of the other iPads, the iPad Pro will have its own Smart Cover made by Apple.

The Smart Cover is a detachable cover that you can get for the iPad Pro that attaches using magnets and covers your iPad's screen when you're not using it. When you do want to use it, simply fold back the Smart Cover and it will automatically turn the screen on.

The Smart Cover can also double as an iPad stand at two different angles, although we wish there were more angles that you can adjust it to, since the two different angles aren't ideal for every situation.



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