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Exciting New Titanfall IMC Rising Add-On Coming Tomorrow



Titanfall players on the Xbox One and Windows PCs can expect the IMC Rising Add-on to arrive in the Xbox Store and Origin gaming service this Thursday, September 25th.

Respawn Entertainment, the company who developed Titanfall and was founded after the makers of Call of Duty left Activision to form their own studio, announced the Titanfall IMC Rising release date in a trailer posted to YouTube last night. As is customary for video game trailers for new downloadable content, the Titanfall IMC Rising trailer is all about giving users who own the game a taste of what they’re missing out on.

When it launches on Thursday, the Titanfall IMC Rising add-on will add three new maps to the Titanfall multiplayer experience. Like the additional maps that came before these, each one has a theme that fits into the Titanfall story and provides some nifty combat areas that are unique.


Backwater is so named because it’s a map set on a small colony. This level has a pretty wide-open terrain for Titans – the game’s giant fighting robots – to duke it out for territory. Underground facilities will let pilots battle it out for map supremacy. Using these underground storage facilities will also allow players to appear in different parts of the map without being sitting ducks on the surface level. Backwater’s above ground railway system will also provide players with transportation around the map too.

The next map added in the Titanfall IMC Rising DLC is a snipers paradise. Zone 18, which is a robots facility just like a previous map in the game, has nothing but clear sight lines from end to end. In short, players who choose a weapon with a scope can expect to rack up kill after kill. For those who aren’t necessarily that great at sniping, the level includes some pretty detailed interiors that’ll be great for close combat.

Finally, there’s Sand Trap. It has lots of space for player’s Titans to battle it out for supremacy, but its real claim to fame is going to be that it’s heavily focused on wall-running. Wall running is one of the unique mechanics in Titanfall. With the right button combinations users can run along the side of walls for as long as they like. They’re movements are slightly restricted, but combat options are still available to players when they wall run. In Sand Trap, wall running will be crucial to not falling victim to the levels giant pools of molten fuel. All told, Sand Trap stands to be one of the most dangerous maps we’ve seen in Titanfall yet.

Launched Back in March, Titanfall was and really still is the premiere first-person shooter game to make its début this year. For those who want a pure combat experience, there’s nothing better than Titanfall. Players pick weapons and battle it out for supremacy on different maps. Those who perform well are rewarded with access to giant fighting robots that their pilots can get into or control remotely. Having the Titan be able to go on autopilot and a auto-targeting smart pistol make Titanfall a very approachable game – even for users who don’t spend a lot of time playing these types of games.

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Titanfall is available on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, but today’s news isn’t great for anyone with the Xbox 360. Tomorrow will only mark the launch of IMC Rising for the Xbox One and PC. Xbox 360 users will be stuck waiting a bit longer. How long that wait will be remains unclear, but the two other add-on packs for Titanfall also launched later on the Xbox 360 than they did anywhere else.

IMC Rising for Titanfall will cost $9.99 when it arrives digitally tomorrow. Users who don’t have any of the series map packs can pick up a Titanfall Season Pass for $24.99. Those with the season pass already will get this new content at no additional charge.

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