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Experience Mobility Has Moved



image Today we received an e-mail with some news about Experience Mobility moving their site to a new domain.  I could explain it, but it’s best to just post the information directly from their new site to explain. Make sure and visit the NEW site and update your feeds!!

Sad but true, we are starting over after finding that I was infiltrated with a serious amount of hidden SPAM within my blog.  Evidently there was a vulnerability that was exploited at sometime and no matter what we did to remove it, it kept coming back.  I suppose I could have left it there but it was just the point of having it that bothered me.  Because it was not only in the blog but was also riddled through my database, it was decided that the best tact to take was to start fresh.

So what about all my previous posts and reviews?  I am not going to make an attempt to retrieve the old posts but over time, I will try to bring back my reviews but that will be a time consuming project and I am thinking it may well be a great Winter project.

I do feel bad that there will be a lot of lost links … but life does go on.

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