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Explosive New Just Cause 3 Trailer Arrives



Developer Avalanche Studios has delivered another look at its Just Cause 3 game due out this year, and it’s arguing that what we see in the new “Firestarter” trailer is just a tease of what gamers can expect when it launches later this year.

Sony was one of the first to provide details about the new Just Cause 3 “Firestarter” trailer on its PlayStation Blog. Avalanche’s Christofer Sundberg breaks down the trailer and provides some context in that post. The context is needed because even though Just Cause 3 is scheduled for a holiday 2015 release, Avalanche hasn’t shared much in the way of actual game footage. Even the Just Case 3 “Firestarter” trailer is completely computer generated graphics and not a look at the final game.

A screenshot from Just Cause 3 from Flickr.

A screenshot from Just Cause 3 from Flickr.

This new Just Cause 3 trailer is about two solid minutes of watching things burn down. It all starts with an explosion. We see what looks like an industrial facility ignite. Later a silver car with bright lights is seen making its way through the billowing flames. Once whole, the car lands with a thud and crashes in slow motion, igniting other parts of the complex. We see a picture of the game’s antagonist dictator burning along with everything else thus far in the trailer.

It turns out that everything we’ve seen in the Just Cause 3 trailer is in the eyes of the game’s hero. Slowly the camera zooms out and he, Rico Rodriquez, is slowly gliding towards land with a parachute on his back and a look of determination on his face. Rodriquez isn’t falling to earth uncontrollably. Instead, he’s gliding.

These last moments of the Just Cause 3 trailer are important because Sundberg intimates, that the trailer is indicative of what users can expect in the final version of the game. “Our Firestarter CG trailer hints at some of the new features we’re bringing with Just Cause 3, and sets the tone for what you can expect from the first look at gameplay that we’re working on,” he says. In short, he’s once again confirming that the new wing suit they’ve already talked about before, will make it into the final version of the game. This new wing suit will join the previous game’s parachute.

Besides the video, Avalanche is providing two new screenshots from the game. Sundberg says the team knows that potential Just Cause 3 buyers are looking for real gameplay video but, “that takes time.” He also says that the studio doesn’t want to show things to early and risk disappointing the fans that’ve kept the franchise alive.

Just Case 3 was revealed by publisher Square Enix and Avalanche Studios late last fall. In the action-adventure game players will become Rodriquez and set out to stop the power-hungry military dictator of an island nation called Medici. Avalanche seems to be focusing a lot on enabling players to absolutely wreak havoc on the island during their quest to stop Medici’s leader.  In earlier statements Avalanche confirmed that the world in this game will roughly be the same size as its direct predecessor, Just Cause 2. To balance that, buildings are taller and more realistic when compared to buildings in the real world.

While the PlayStation Blog is feature the Just Cause 3 trailer heavily, gamers who’ve adopted Microsoft’s platforms have nothing to worry about. Standard copies of Just Cause 3 are available on the game’s site for pre-order today for Xbox One and PS4. Avalanche has also confirmed there’s a version for Windows PCs in the works.

A standard copy of Just Case 3 will cost $60 when it arrives on store shelves. Square Enix and Avalanche haven’t provided a release windows more specific than “holiday 2015.”

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