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Explosve Video Full of Mad Max Details Arrive



We’re slowly finding out more about Mad Max, the apocalyptic action-adventure game coming to current-generation video game consoles just before he start of the fall gaming season this year. All told, the game looks to be just as interesting and unique as many fans of the movies hoped it would.

Avalanche Studios revealed more details, including a trailer for Mad Max this morning on Sony’s PlayStation Blog, even though Warner Brothers has made it clear that gamers on the PC and Xbox One will get the game on September 1st too.

Mad Max PS4

The video included with the post is roughly four minutes of fast and highly modified vehicles rolling through the desert and getting blown up in the process. Woven into those explosion scenes is a bit of hand-to-hand combat too.

The trailer starts with a highly modified American muscle car rolling through the desert and destroying rival vehicles. We see tracks in the sand and a man standing on a desert cliff during what appears to be sunrise. A woman’s voice says that she “never asked for your name.” The gentleman standing on the cliff replies, “Max. My name is Max.” The next see has Max in that earlier vehicle rolling through the desert.

Another voice reveals more details about the game itself. According to that voice Mad Max players will start with absolutely nothing but their car. Even that car is taken and players are left with nothing. Players will need to build a completely new car to act as their primary mode of transportation. To be clear, Avalanche does actually intend for people to build a replacement vehicle. As users traverse the in-game world they’ll get add-ons for their cars. Screenshots show everything from a hood-mounted ram to new tires for better traction.

Like other games, players will need to add more armor and weapons to their character too. Again, Mad Max does feature a combat system. Players can add new abilities and pick up pipes, rocket launchers and a host of other weapons. The combat itself focuses on brawling. In that way it’s sort of like the Batman: Arkham series of games, which is published by Warner Brothers Interactive just like Mad Max is.

Mad Max is set in the Wasteland, an area with very few resources and a group of thugs that do whatever they want, when they want. It’s the player job to seek friends and add-ons to take down the Wasteland’s rulers by any means necessary, according to the video. The Wasteland is a completely open world, meaning users can go anywhere they want, provided they are well-equipped.

Most of the scenes shown in the video are actually from the game’s engine, not pre-rendered. Avalanche says that its working hard now to ensure that the game looks as good as it possibly can on the PS4. Frame rate and resolution aren’t something the studio have talked about publicly yet. Historically, games made by third-party developers have had higher-resolutions on the PS4 than the Xbox One, but we’ll have to wait to see if that’s the case here or Avalanche tailoring its messaging for the PlayStation Blog’s audience.

The studio also says that its thinking about ways to facilitate sharing so that people with heavily tricked out cars made in the game can share them with their friends.

Pre-orders for Mad Max have already started at GameStop. There, basic, disc-based versions of the game are on sale for $59.99. Those who pre-order Mad Max at GameStop get a special Ripper vehicle to customize. It doesn’t seem like the game has any console bundles are special editions planned just yet, but that’ll likely change closer to launch.



  1. Tomi

    07/20/2015 at 10:52 pm

    “The trailer starts with a highly modified American muscle car” except not, it’s Aussie Ford Falcon…

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