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External Disk Storage Is Really Cheap These Days



Kanguru-eco-driveThere really is no excuse these days not to use an external disk for your backup and imaging strategies with prices where they are. Ever since I picked up a Western Digital MyBook 500gig drive for $140, I’ve noticed that prices are really good on some newer products being announced lately. A couple of recent examples:

Kangaru Solutions is announcing drives ranging from 80GB to 750GB at prices from $95 to $350. Kanagru’s also touting that these are green friendly.

LaCie has announced the Big Disk Extreme+ that includes a RAID 0 array in sizes ranging from 1TB to 2TB with prices from $350 to $850. Firewire and USB interfaces are included.

Those are some pretty amazing prices in my mind for an amazing amount of storage and peace of mind.

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