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Eye-Fi Announces Eye-Fi Pro Card: Ad Hoc Uploading to Computer and More



eye-fi-pro-sd-card1The folks behind the Eye-Fi Card just keep on adding features. Available to day we have the Eye-Fi Pro card which introduces several new features. First up is the abiliy to upload your picutres to a computer over a WiFi connection. You don’t need a router, you set up your computer as the WiFi Access point and you are off and downloading. The Eye-Fi Pro also adds the capability to use RAW files, (although at a 4GB card size that will get eaten up pretty quick.)

And you can also now select which pictures get transferred over the Eye-Fi’s magic using your camera’s lock or select feature you can choose which pictures you want to hang on to. This will be a boon to not just the new Pro card users, but it is available for other Eye-Fi cards via an upgrade.

The price for the new Pro card is $149. It is available at Amazon today. I’m a big Eye-Fi card user, so I’m looking forward to checking this out. In the meantime, Engadget has a hands on walk thru with the new card. Although this is targeted at Pro users, I’m guessing quite a few folks will be using this, regardless of how they view their photographic skills.

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