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Eye-Fi Cards Get More Facebook Functionality



p-sharevideoI’m a big fan of Eye-Fi’s wireless SD camera cards and it looks like they just became a little more useful. As of today, Eye-Fi card users will be able to automatically upload videos to Facebook and alert friends when they upload photos and videos to other photo and video sharing sites.

The 4GB Eye-Fi Video card costs $79 at and works with just about any camera that takes an SD card. If you really like the idea of uploading photos and videos via WiFi you might want to pick up an Eye-Fi Connected camera. Select cameras from Nikon, Casio and others are designed to stay powered on while uploads complete.



  1. Gary

    11/02/2009 at 8:33 pm

    I’m having a tough time understanding this product. I want to adopt it, and know it will work. I have a Canon Rebel T1i, and a Canon Powershot TX1, both of which I use a Transcend 16GB SD card in. I’m willing to forego the additional storage (would take with me on a long vacay though) for the Eye-Fi capability. BUT – the biggest attraction in theory to me is geotagging locations in iPhoto for me. But, it has to pick up a wi-fi access point, correct? So, can it pick up any access point, even if it is locked down tight, and pull geo-tag location data? I originally though this card had a GPS receiver built in, but now understand that is not correct. What are your thoughts? Keep in mind, I live in a suburban area, not major metro…so wi-fi is there, but could get spotty??

  2. Sumocat

    11/03/2009 at 12:21 pm

    Wifi triangulation does not require logging in to a hotspot, just detection, but it also requires that the hotspot itself be registered with Skyhook so that the hotspot’s location is known. So, if you were in an urban area with plenty of registered hotspots, it works well. But it’s not nearly as good in the suburbs and nearly useless in rural areas. This limitation is why I’m holding out for actual GPS in my next camera. Wifi triangulation alone won’t cut it in my area.

  3. Gary

    11/03/2009 at 4:19 pm

    Ahhh…that makes sense. Thanks Sumo. I’ll hold off for now. Guess its back to manually entering geo data in iPhoto…

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