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Eye-Fi Creates Online Photo Sharing via Email



Most folks have heard of Eye-Fi. It’s a service that, using an SD card allows you to quickly upload pictures from your digital camera to your online photo sites. Eye-Fi has even branched out to include an iPhone App as well. It is a handy service if you’re connected and there are a variety of Eye-Fi products to choose from. Now there’s another one.

Eye-Fi has created an online portal for sharing your photos called Eye-Fi View. Snap, upload via the Eye-Fi card, and then you can send out an email to your contacts so they can go see the latest picture of little Johnny in his Halloween costume. The free service keeps the photos viewable for seven days but for $4.99 a month you can have unlimited storage and have them viewable online for an unlimited time, as long as you pay the freight. There is also a $49.99 yearly plan.

Check it all out here.

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