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Eye-fi expands hotspots, launches Apple-exclusive Geo X2



Couple of announcements out of Eye-fi today. The major news is that Eye-fi X2 cards are now capable of connecting to wifi hotspots that require webpage logins. Also, their new Geo X2 card is going on sale next month exclusively through Apple stores.

The expansion is made possible through a partnership with Devicescape, a provider of Wi-Fi connectivity solutions for mobile devices. Eye-Fi X2 users with Hotspot Access will automatically benefit from the service expansion in several ways:

Eye-Fi users with a personal hotspot subscription to a Wi-Fi hotspot provider, such as Boingo, BT Openzone, T-Mobile, SFR, Orange and Vodafone, can add their existing credentials to their Eye-Fi account to upload in these supported locations, and potentially expand their hotspot upload coverage to millions of hotspots.

This is good news not only for those with paid hotspot service but also students with school access and users of free hotspots that use login splash screens. Expanded service will be available June 1, 2010 at an upgrade cost of $29.99 per year. A discounted price of $14.99 is being offered to Connect X2 and Geo X2 users through the end of May. It will be included for Explore X2 and Pro X2 cards as part of their included first year of Hotspot Access service.

The Eye-fi Geo X2 offers the faster speed of the X2 line, including the “Endless Memory” mode, plus geotagging via wifi hotspot location. Great for sharing and organizing photos in iPhoto and MobileMe, which explains why it’s an Apple Store exclusive. Price is $69.99 only through Apple Stores. If you’re not interested in geotagging, the Connect X2 is available for $49.99, while the Explore X2, which includes geotagging and hotspot access, is $99.99.

Via Engadget

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