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Eye-Fi Expands Their Product Line



Eye-fi-explore-smI’m a fan of the Eye-Fi SD Card for digital cameras. (Here’s a GBM Shortcut on the original Eye-Fi Card.) The original allows you to upload your pictures from your camera to your computer or to Flickr. Now the makers of Eye-Fi card have expanded their products with two other models.

The Explore ($129) will allow you to do your uploading accessing hotspots (roughly 10,000) around the US via the WayPort service. You won’t have to jump through the terms and conditions rigamarole at each hotspot. This looks like a service test rollout here because the Wayport service they will be using is only good for 1 year. They are looking to extend this and/or add other services. My guess is if this takes off, you’ll eventually be paying for the service. You can also Geotag your photos with the Explore.

The Share ($99) is essentially the same as the original Eye-Fi card allowing you to upload photos to Flickr and your computer

The Home $79) is only for the user who wants to upload photos to their computer.

The Eye-Fi has become something I use frequently and I think the Explore offers some interesting features. That said, there is still plenty of room for adding features to this down the road in my opinion.





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