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eyeOS Celebrates Third Birthday in the Clouds



If you haven’t checked out the eyeOS web desktop lately, you might want to give it another look.  The cloud-based service recently celebrated its third birthday.  According to their web site, the open source eyeOS is a new kind of operating system that resides in a web browser.  eyeOS gives you the ability to log into an on-line desktop from any place that you have Internet access.  The name, eyeOS, is derived from the goal of the project: providing a visual and intuitive operating system for the end user.

Visiting the eyeOS demo allows you to see how easy it is to use; anyone that has used a computer with a GUI will find no trouble navigating the eyeOS desktop.  Using a mouse to click around the desktop within your browser allows you to manipulate icons, opening folders that contain applications and files.  eyeOS offers many of the same services and applications that a local, traditional OS does with the benefit of being easily accessible.  These include:

  • File management
  • Personal Information Management: Calendar & Contacts
  • Office Suite with support for MS Office & Open Office formats
  • Network tools: E-mail, IM, FTP, Bulletin Board, & RSS
  • System tools: Package installer and repository based ports system
  • Desktop that is fully customizable, allows for themes, & the ability to auto-run applications

Read more of our coverage about Cloud Computing.  What are your thoughts about web-based desktops?

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