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F*** This S***! ‘Jailbreak’ Officially Apple’s New Four Letter Word



If George Carlin wants to keep pace with Apple, he needs to update his list of Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television to include jailbreak.

In addition to voiding the warranty of anyone who performs an iPhone 4S jailbreak, the company considers Jailbreak a dirty word in iTunes.

A search for Jailbreak in the iPhone App Store or in iTunes on the PC returns asterisk filled results, hiding the word jailbreak from app names and descriptions as well as some songs, TV shows and podcasts.

Update: Apple has changed this policy and jailbreak is back in the app store.

Twitter user @Planetbeing discovered the new block on the word ‘jailbreak in iTunes.

Apple censors Jailbreak

iTunes and the App Store censor 'jailbreak' with asterisks.

Apple will allow iPhone apps with jailbreak in the name and description in the iPhone and iPad App Store, and show up when users search for ‘jailbreak’, but Apple replaces ‘jailbreak with ‘j*******k’.

With this change, ‘jailbreak’ joins F**k, S**t and others as censored words in iTunes. Even an early Roy Rodgers episode gets the J*******k treatment.

Jailbreak banned in itunes

Roy Rodgers isn't safe from the 'jailbreak' asterisks.

It’s ridiculous that Apple is blocking ‘jailbreak’ from app names and descriptions, when the company already has the ability to keep apps that jailbreak the iPhone out of the App Store. Not to mention that the upcoming iPhone 4S jailbreak will most certainly require an app on a Mac or PC, not on an iPhone.

The Apple app review team should catch apps that claim to jailbreak the iPhone and keep them out of the App Store to begin with, but in practice, this doesn’t always work.

Apple pulled the Jailbreak app listed as the first search result for jailbreak on the iPhone in November when the app description mislead users into thinking they could jailbreak the iPhone with the $9.99 app. Now that the app has a proper description it is back in the App Store.

What do you think of Apple’s new dirty word?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. TINK

    06/16/2013 at 4:16 pm

    Please allow jailbreak for iphone 4s !! The regular iphone is BORING !! PLEASE

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