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Facebook App Blamed for Bad iPhone Battery Life



For many iPhone and iPad owners, battery life in iOS has been less than optimal. Apple’s discussion forums are flooded with complaints about poor battery life not only in iOS 6.1 but in other versions of iOS as well. And while many have blamed Apple for the abnormal battery drain, one theory suggests that the Facebook application could be to blame.

For months now, iPhone and iPad owners have been complaining about poor battery life. First, it was with iOS 6.1 which unfortunately brought an Exchange calendar bug that caused massive battery drains for those that use the Enterprise email service. Apple attempted to tackle the battery life issues with an update to iOS 6.1.2, but since then, after updates iOS 6.1.3 and iOS 6.1.4, iPhone and iPad owners have been complaining about abnormal battery life with their devices.

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The Facebook app may be to blame for some of the iPhone’s battery life issues.

Many of those iPhone and iPad owners are likely hoping for a fix from Apple, in the form of iOS 6.1.5. Sadly, there is no guarantee that that update will arrive, especially since we’re so close to WWDC 2013 and the debut of iOS 7. That said, there appears to be a possible remedy for those that are experiencing battery life issues, thanks to a discovery that points to the Facebook app as being a potential culprit when it comes to iPhone and iPad battery problems.

The discovery, made by, points to the Facebook application as a source for battery drain on the iPhone and iPad. The problem with the Facebook application is explained like this.

The Facebook app's activity is said to be abnormal and a cause for poor battery life.

The Facebook app’s activity is said to be abnormal and a cause for poor battery life.

Facebook is evidently active in the background, even while the app has been slept by the user. Putting the app to sleep means closing the app, but leaving it in the multitasking tray. While most apps remain dormant and frozen, the Facebook app appears to wake up, perform activities for 10 seconds or so, and go back to sleep.

This is a process that is said to repeat itself over and over again and it said to be a cause for battery drain not only on the iPhone but on Apple’s iPad as well. It appears that Facebook’s Messenger application does the same thing.

Possible iPhone Battery Life Fixes

What this means is that those who are having battery life issues, may want to try a couple of solutions to see if battery life is improved. One, delete the Facebook application altogether. For those who rely on Facebook’s applications, this may be difficult, but it may improve battery life. And second, users can continually quit the application by double tapping the home button and clicking the minus that pops up in the app in the multitasking tray.

For iPhone and iPad users who constantly leave Facebook open in the tray, this might become a tough habit to pick up, but at this point, given the battery issues, it’s certainly something to try.

We haven’t seen too much of a difference when the Facebook app is left in the tray as opposed to when it’s not, but again, for those experiencing battery life problems, it’s worth a shot.



  1. Chais

    05/31/2013 at 2:27 pm

    Well I was having the same problem with my battery life. I use “find friends” app with a few friends and family. I recently cut off a so called “friend” from my contacts. Ever since this decision my battery life has seemed to double. My only conclusion… I had a stalker. They were searching my location and causing my battery to last only half a day. I now end my day on only one charge and 20% battery life. It don’t make much sense some have battery issues and some don’t using the same phone and firmware. Everyone should look into installed apps or tweaks to determine what is causing bad battery life. It’s just too inconsistent to be a firmware issue (in my opinion). Just my thoughts and experience.

  2. Luke

    06/14/2013 at 7:36 am

    I think the battery life may mostly be effected by the carrier. The 3G antenna is a large current drain and if your carrier sucks, that antenna will be working more frequently

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